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Welcome to Distinguished Advocates for Workers’ Compensation.  We created this organization to recognize lawyers that specialize in plaintiff workers’ compensation and for the important work they do.  Our mission is quite simple but also very important. We carefully screen and nominate attorneys who have the experience, determination, and success in fighting for injured workers, and ensuring workers receive all the benefits they may be entitled to by law.  After an attorney has been nominated and approved for membership they will receive our coveted golden emblem to display in their marketing as they see fit. This includes email signatures, websites, social media, and even firm correspondence.


The Distinguished Advocate for Workers’ Compensation emblem is a prestigious symbol of trust and dedication. To injured workers it shows that they have an advocate in their corner that will fight to get them the compensation they may be entitled to.  To the legal community, and fellow colleagues, it is recognition of success and results. This emblem is more than just a symbol; it’s a badge of honor.  It notifies employers and insurance companies our members have the experience and skills necessary to get the best possible outcome for their clients.


Annually members are reviewed to ensure that they continue to uphold the strict values and guidelines for membership.  We encourage nomination of your peers or advocates so that we may go through the screening process and rightfully award those that are truly qualified.  In some instances our organization might request additional information from the nominee in order to further evaluate induction into our organization.

Why we created the Distinguished advocate award

It is no secret that there are a variety of associations and organizations that will provide awards, honors, or memberships for various legal practice areas.  After much research and inquiry we discovered a lack of recognition and awards for plaintiff workers’ compensation attorneys.


We all have somebody we know through our family or friends who has been hurt at work. We have heard countless stories of injured workers who were afraid to file a claim because they thought they would lose their job.  Some missed  time from work and never received the full and proper medical care they should have. Other stories involve injured workers who did not seek representation because they did not know what the costs were, or how much the attorney would take.


It is all too common to hear of injured workers that truly believe they will be taken care of after an accident and decide to work through their claim with the insurance company directly.  This usually results in a pile of medical bills, and lingering issues after the claim is closed.  These situations typically occur because of a few bad stories or experiences that others share, or because most injured workers are not aware of the process or the benefits they are entitled to by law. The biggest culprit however, is that many injured workers don’t know who to turn to once they get hurt.


Our organization feels that, like all areas of the law, workers’ compensation is both important and necessary.  We understand all the time and dedication that goes into each injured workers’ claim.  Advocating for the injured worker to ensure that they receive the benefits they are entitled to can be a long and taxing process. We feel that workers’ compensation attorneys don’t always receive the same acknowledgment as other legal disciplines and we sought to amend that.  Hence we created this organization to review plaintiff workers’ compensation attorneys and award those that pass the screening process with the highly recognizable golden emblem as a Distinguished Advocate for Workers’ Compensation.


We commend workers’ compensation attorneys for all the hard work they do.

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